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Beats for your soul,

drop into the music and let it move you...


Ecstatic Dance Party
Shokazoba & DJ Luminus
Fri May 31, Marigold Theater 
Easthampton, MA
Vortex Ecstatic Dance
(11 Garden St, Cambridge, MA)
1st Fridays of the month @ 7pm:   Fri June 7
Fri May 31 @ 8 pm
25 Main St, Northampton, MA

DJ Luminus plays a colorful mix of world fusion, balancing electronic & organic flavors for ecstatic dances, CI jams & festivals. Luminus aims for dance journeys that work out all of your brain lobes and engage your body, mind and spirit. His mixes are inspired by both electronic and organic music infused with beats from all over the globe.

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